Thu 14 Sep 11:24:05 BST 2017: Following last night's thunderstorm, the weather station is no longer communicating properly with the server. Unclear what the fault is as yet.
Wed 16 Aug 22:51:36 BST 2017: Server upgrade: now running Ubuntu 16.04, Xenial Xerus.
Wed Jul 19 23:12:56 BST 2017: Camera is down again. The N900 didn't work as well as I hoped.
Thu Jun 29 21:15:33 BST 2017: Camera is back up, using an old Nokia N900 phone camera.
Tue Jun 20 13:49:33 BST 2017: Maximums this month should be treated with a little suspicion. There is a point in mid-late afternoon where the extra shading I put in place around the (already supposedly, but poorly) shaded sensor is bypassed by the high sun. This can be seen on the graphs.
Thu Apr 27 13:58:39 BST 2017: Two successive nights with lows below -3°C. This is highly unusual for the end of April.
Wed Apr 26 10:21:52 BST 2017: A low of -3.2°C last night probably means no cherries or plums this year; the trees are in full blossom.
Sat Apr 8 18:28:19 BST 2017: Today's high of 20.9°C is a full 6°C higher than this year's previous high.
Sat Apr 8 13:05:20 BST 2017: Warmest day of the year so far, by a good few degrees. And still rising.
Sun Mar 5 18:19:23 GMT 2017: Rain gauge funnel found in garden, unknown exactly how long it has been missina; probably since 25/2. Replaced.

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